Industrial stormwater is a consequense of snow and rain that lands on industrial sites. The runoff water can often become polluted due to the handling and storage of materials that contain substances that are hazardous for the environment. 

So, what does your company have to look for in a treatment solution?


Choose a solution that endures a variating water flow


Mivanor recommend that you choouse a technology that is engineered to cope with a large variation in the amount of water that flow through the treatment facility. This is one of the biggest obsticles to tacle when it comes to treating surface water. 

Some of our customers expressed a need for a solution for treating stormwater - we set a goal to design and offer an effective and user-friendly solution.


Choose an automated solution

Our product, the Mivanor StormWater, is a unit that is based on a filter techonology. The filter flows on top of the water in large tanks and cleans the water as it runs through the filter. The result is an automated and effective treatment facility.

The solution is developed together with Swedrop, the company who has designed the filter. The filter i s a combinaton of diffrent types of water filtration media. These include an oil absorbent, activated charchoal and combustion slag.

When the filter is "filled up" it is easy to replace it with a new filter.
The Mivanor Stormwater treatment system has a capacity of 10 m3 of water per hour.


How can one obtain an optimal recidence time?

To reach an fully automated process and an optimal recidence time the lenght of the treatment time is adjusted due to the amount of water that is collected in the bassins.

When there is a lot of rainfall, the treatment time is reduced and at low leveles the treatment time is set ut a maximum. 


What are the treatment effects?

Tests and studies of our treatment process has proven a very good degree of treatment, both of organic and inorganic substances. The copper leveles of the water after treatment is often an important indicator of how well the treatment works. Mivanor Stormwater has proven to obtain a removal of 95 % of the copper substances in the surface water.

Mivanor StormWater er desiged to absorbe a number of pollutants from surface water:

  • The 33 substances EU prioritize due to environmental hazard
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)
  • Heavy metals, including;
    • Cadium
    • Copper
    • Zinc
    • Nickel
    • Lead
    • Mercury


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