MivaSettle consists of a simple construction and is ready-to-use. 

The unit has a treatment capacity of 12 cubicmeteres per hour. Unlike traditional sedimentation tanks, the MivaSettle unit can be set to work in a continuous flow which prevent interruptions in your work process. 

The lamella profiles in the tank has a design that creates a more efficient sedimentation process. The sludge containing polluted particles falls to the bottom of the tank and is stored in the IBC tote below the sedimentation unit.

The process is based on gravitation, which makes it possible to run the process without electricity. If it is necessary to add a coagulant or adjust the pH-value it is possible to install a mixer and/or a pump to add coagulant. This will require electricity. 

Does it seem that this techonolgy could be the solution to your waste water challenges? Our team always perform a small-scale test to check how well our techonolgy work on the waste water in question. 

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Area of use

The MivaSettle unit is suitable for all waste water containing lots of particles and where there is not a large water flow. Examples of treatment processes:

  • Waste water from cleaning and maintaning ships
  • Slop water
  • Waste water from agriculture areas 

Do you want more information about the MivaSettle unit? Our team is glad to have a talk with you to understand your waste water challenge and decide if MivaSettle gould be a solution for your company.

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