technologylogystyle="color:null">MivaStormwater is a compact and efficient system for treating surface water and stormwater runoff.



Removing pollutants from surfacewater

MivaStormwater is designed to absorb a wide range of substances that are defined as hazardous for the environment. These include:

•    The 33 substance groups defined by EU as prioritised due to hazardous effect on the environment. 
•    Oil spill
•    Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)
•    Heavy metals 

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Where is it applicable?

 The technology can be applicated onto surface drains such as
•    at waste handling sites
•    from traffic areas
•    at productions areas


What are the advantages?

•    Small footprint
•    Plug-and-play-module that can be adjusted to fit customised solutions
•    Flexible solution when it comes to process combinations


What are typical treatment results for this technology?

•    25-90% reduction of heavy metals
•    40-70% reduction of PAH-16
•    30-90% reduction of BTEX
•    40-80% reduction of aliphatic compounds

Treatment techonolgy for surface water

Filter technology and adsorption

MivaStormwater is based on a filter technology and adsorption. The filters are placed in a water tank and the water is continually rinsed through the filter. The filters contain an adsorbent that gathers the polluted substances and treated water is released from the tank. 

The treatment effect depends on how often the water is in contact with the adsorbent. The more times the water is circulated, the greater the degree of purification. The customer can therefore decide for himself how well the water is to be treated by choosing the length of contact time and the number of cycles.

Automated treatment system

The treatment system is automated and can be delivered as continuous flow or batch mode. The only thing the operator of the system must pay attention to changing the filter. How often the filter must be changed depends on the quality of the water and how large the flow of water is. The treatment system is developed in partnership with Swedrop AB.