- A great result

Head of R&D, Robert Tarasz, is excited about the project and is not modest when it comes to talking about the results.

- What we have achieved through running the test pilot is something to be proud and very excited about. It solves a water pollution challenge which is global, and that in a very efficient way. 98 % removal is almost as good as it gets!  From the moment we started the project the whole company has had an great involvement and there has been a great enthusiasm for what this project could mean, Tarasz explains.

The product has been named MivaSorb which refers to the absorption process that the treatment is built on.  




What next?

An area where there is a great potential for a concentration of PFAS are areas where fire fighters perform drills and use firefighting foam. The firefighting foam contains PFAS and large amounts are used and flushed onto the ground.

The head of R&D says that Mivanor now has several exciting projects connected to these kinds of challenges, and points out different kinds of demands from the project owners.

- For the most part it is about balancing. The treatment system must both secure a safe water emission from the area, and at the same time make sure that the surrounding terrain is not damaged by the treatment process, according to Robert Tarasz.

An on-site treatment process for PFAS
But what does not damaging the terrain mean?

Instead of digging up and moving the masses, then treating them and put them back in place the MivaSorb is designed to be an on-site treatment process. This means that the water first is filtered naturally through the terrain and then the emission is gathered and cleansed through the MivaSorb facility.

"Our customers should be able to expect that the
solution reaches the level of treatment required in the future"


A new standard

Robert Tarasz is not afraid to use big words when he explains the impact of the treatment results achieved by the MivaSorb solution. The head of R&D feels that Mivanor is an actor working towards setting a new standard for treating PFAS.

- Our customers should be able to expect that we on a minimum provide them with a solution that meets the level of treatment demanded by the authorities. Our goal is to provide them with a solution that meets the level of treatment that is required in the future. By being in-front and putting a lot of work into the MivaSorb we have shown our customers how high a level they should be able to expect when they set out to treat PFAS from their facility.