Emissions from industrial activity and landfills has to be safe for the environment and it is your responsibility to make sure your water emissions are environmental friendly. We offer you an effective and easy solution for treating your waste water.

The team behind Mivanor have developed an unique treatment process called MivaMagTM. The process is combination of chemical and mechanical water treatment. We have developed a solution which remove pollutants from the water at same time as the sludge is dewatered. This is done without the use of a filter or an extra dewatering unit. The unique treatment techonolgy is a “two-in-one” system called “magnetic particle separation”.

Could this solution for water treatment benefit your company?

Read more about the MivaMagTM solution and contact us at post(a)mivanor.no and ask for for iformation.


Full-range supplier 

We want to offer you a wastewater treatment system that is adjustet to your company's needs and demands.

We therefore seek out to be a full-range supplier of wastewater treatment services and our total solution includes:

  • Small-scale analysis of the water to adjust the treatment to each customers pollution problem
  • Design and engineering
  • Manufacture of treatment system
  • Installation and staff training
  • Operation support and service

Mivanor AS is ISO-certified in accordance to quality, health, safety and environmental standars.


How the WWTP works