Full-range supplier

Mivanor AS is a full-range supplier of wastewater treatment. We offer a range of different treatment products that are solutions to different kinds of wastewater challenges.  We offer our customers our services from star to end:

  • Analysis of the water to adjust the treatment according to the pollution problem
  • Design and engineering
  • Manufacture of treatment system
  • Installation and staff training
  • Operation support and service

Mivanor AS is ISO-certified in accordance to quality, health, safety and environmental standards.


A unique techonology

The team behind Mivanor developed an unique treatment process called MivaMagTM . The company was founded on the technology and the MivaMagTM WWTP is our main product today.

The process in MivaMagTM is combination of chemical and mechanical wastewater treatment.

The mechanical treatment is based on magnetism and this techonolgy makes it possible to remove pollutants from the water at same time as the sludge is dewatered. This is done without the use of a filter or an extra dewatering unit.


How does this WWTP work?