Full-range supplier 

Mivanor AS is a full-range supplier of wastewater treatment. We offer a range of different treatment products that are solutions to different kinds of wastewater challenges.  We offer our customers our services from star to end:

  • Analysis of the water to adjust the treatment according to the pollution problem
  • Design and engineering
  • Manufacture of treatment system
  • Installation and staff training
  • Operation support and service

Mivanor AS is ISO-certified in accordance to quality, health, safety and environmental standards.

Do you want to learn more about our products? Send us a mail and explain your challenge with wastwater treatment.



Development and innovation

Our company was founded on a self-developed technology which was created to treat leachate from a landfill.

After developing a mechanical treatment technology for our parent company Iris Salten, we saw the possibility to offer our solution to a wide range of companies in different industries. 

The treatment system is called MivaMagTM and it is a combination of chemical and mechanical wastewater treatment. Today, we have delivered the treatment solution MivaMagTM to landfills and aquaculture companies such as fish hatcheries and net lofts. 

Since 2015 and the establishment of MivaMagTM we have developed several treatment solutions for different types of wastewater challenges:

  • MivaBio - biological wastewater treatment 
  • Mivanor Stormwater - a filter solution for treating surface water
  • MivaSorb - a solution for removing PFAS/PFOS from wastewater

Our goal is to broaden the range of industries that benefit from our water treatment system.


Company Values 

  • Innovative and forward-moving when it comes to product development

  • Effective solutions founded on strong knowledge regarding wastewater treatment

  • Reliable solutions which fulfils the customers demand regarding to treatment results


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