We make sure that our customer is certain that the water emission from their processes and activities is safe to release into nature, and that is does not impose a danger to the surrounding natural environment. 

We have delivered solutions to a number of different industries. Among which:

  • Waste and landfill
  • Aquaculture
  • Salmon and fish processing
  • Food industry
  • Net lofts and cleaning stations
  • Shipyard and maintenance of ships
  • Tannery

Take a look at our process:


We refer to ourselves as a total supplier of cleaning solutions. We follow the customer from the time a need for a cleaning solution is signaled and throughout the life of the cleaning solution:

  • Analysis of the water to be cleaned and the effect the cleaning solution will have
  • Project planning
  • Installation and training
  • Operational support and service

We carry out small-scale trials and thorough tests to find out which cleaning process suits you. Our delivery aims to fulfill the cleaning requirements our customers face, and we carry out a thorough analysis of the water quality and the need for cleaning in the design phase.

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