Hanne Elisabeth Pettersen (42) left her job in the oil and gas industry after 17 years last year. Her goal was to apply her knowledge and skills in a new sector, something she'll start doing on August 21st as our newest project engineer.

- This is going to be incredibly good. Hanne is jumping on a moving train and has all the qualifications we're looking for. We believe she'll fit in well both in terms of the tasks to be solved and the culture we have in the company. This autumn will be an important period for us, and Hanne will play an important role in our continued growth, says Robert Tarasz, Managing Director, and Technical Manager at Mivanor.

He points out that Mivanor has seen a solid upward trend over the past two years and that Pettersen will play an important role in taking the company to the next level.

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She is very excited to get started.

- I'm really looking forward to starting and, of course, I'm quite excited. I've been following Mivanor for many years now, and I bring a lot of valuable expertise and experience from previous roles that I'm very happy to now bring into the water purification industry, says Pettersen.

She holds a chemistry degree from NTNU in Trondheim and mentioned 17 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, where she has worked as an offshore engineer, project manager, and operations manager, among other roles.

Experience from a Large Corporation

Pettersen says there are several things she's looking forward to, including working in a smaller company, being in direct contact with customers, and influencing the company's future direction.

- It will be interesting to see how my experience from a very large corporation fits into Mivanor. Working in a larger company has both advantages and disadvantages, and something I'm looking forward to in this position is the opportunity to influence both how we work and the goals we will work towards. Yes, even the company's vision, she says, adding:

- I really enjoy the combination of customer contact and hands-on work, and I find it incredibly rewarding to find solutions together. Not least, I'm looking forward to following the processes from start to finish, including the installations out in the field.

Similar Background to Mivanor

Like Mivanor, Pettersen moved away from Salten – specifically Inndyr – and has been living in Stavanger for ten years.

In her free time, she spends most of her time with family and friends, exercising, and marching band practice. After a few weeks in Mexico this winter, occasional crayfishing with her partner in recent months, and almost a year off from work, she looks forward to making a comeback.

- It's clear that the pace has slowed down a bit in the last year, so it will probably take a little week before I can adjust my mindset, she concludes with a smile.


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