Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry.

They have now granted 225 000 NOK to Mivanor and our planned Europa launch this fall. We are exhibiting at some of Europe's largest trades for water treatment and landfill operations; Aqua Tech in Amsterdam in November and Sardinia Symposium in October.

This is a great opportunity to test the market for our products, get in touch with prospects in Europe and get to understand the challenges the industry is facing in the future.


The worlds largest water treatment trade

- Water treatment is a topic that considers scientists and engineers all over the globe. So the Aqua Tech trade is an important meeting point, Robert Tarasz explains.

For the trade in Amsterdam the team is planning to exhibit the companies core product which is the MivaMag - an industrial wastewater treatment done with the combination of chemical treatment and mechanical treatment. 


- We are bringing the whole module so that the visitors can see the actual size and can better understand the compact design and how efficient the process is. The challenge is to catch the attention of the visitors among thousands of other exhibitors. But we are looking forward to it, says Robert.

New projects and R&D

It is not only the core product MivaMag the team are bringing to the trade. Also the pilot module for PFAS-removal MivaSorb is being exhibited.

- We are excited to get feedback and thoughts about our pilot projects from the international market. PFAS is a complicated pollutant to remove from water, and we think that our solution as an important dimension of efficiency, Fredrik Korpe explains.


Mivanor pay our gratitude to Innovation Norway for the financial support and sees this as a signal that the company has a larger potential outside the Norwegian market.