Mivanor's flagship, MivaMag™, plays an important role in the venture and will ensure that oily sludge, water and waste are recovered and cleaned free of heavy metals and a number of other substances in accordance with BAT requirements.

- This is the largest single contract in Mivanor's history, and we are very pleased to be able to demonstrate another application area for our technology, says general manager of Mivanor, Robert Tarasz.

One of the country's largest players

Retura TRV is one of the country's largest players in waste management for business. At Heggstadmoen Miljøpark outside Trondheim, the company has established one of the most innovative waste facilities in Norway and Northern Europe.

The operation includes everything from collection and reception to sorting and shipments to recycling.

Now the company will also start recycling oily sludge, water and waste.

- The fact is that Retura TRV takes on a major environmental responsibility by accepting this type of waste. Someone has to accept it, and solve the task of cleaning it well enough. We are happy to collaborate with such a forward-looking and important player, says Tarasz.

Mivanor's own technology, MivaMag™, will help clean oily liquid from the waste treatment to Retura TRV on a number of parameters - which involves several stages of cleaning, removal of waste and separation of oil, water and materials.

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Necessary investments

Retura TRV is said to have chosen Mivanor on the basis of its focus on the environment, technology development, finance and project management.

In the wake of this new collaboration, Mivanor is described as a technology partner that is light on its feet and flexible in relation to the waste management company's needs, and particular emphasis is placed on the technology behind MivaMag™.

Retura TRV has for a long time made large investments both in the climate and environmental fields, in order to reduce emissions to both air and water. For this project, it is said to be crucial to have control over emissions from the handling of hazardous waste, and that this is handled in as responsible a manner as possible.

Tarasz believes it is a necessary investment for the environment.

- When we have projects where, among other things, we treat oily waste, it is very important that the waste is recycled and cleaned according to the BAT requirements. I believe the project we have now started is a necessary investment for the environment and we are very happy to collaborate with Retura TRV on waste management.


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