The company will produce, clean, impregnate, and dry nets for use in the aquaculture industry. Both the production hall and machinery are already in place, with 20 employees.

 The discharged water will be treated and typically contain heavy metals and organic material from the nets' time in the sea. Mivanor has developed a dedicated cleaning solution tailored for net washing, which Inter Notservice's facility in Herøy will also use.

 "This is an important assignment for Mivanor. We have previously delivered cleaning solutions to five of Mørenot's locations and have significant experience in treating water from net production and service. We are confident that this experience will benefit Inter Notservice, and we look forward to working more closely with the aquaculture industry in the coming year," says Robert Tarasz, CEO of Mivanor.

 The main element of the solution is Mivanor's proprietary technology, MivaMagTM, a unique chemical and mechanical cleaning solution based on magnetism. The process will be customized to meet Inter Notservice's specific needs and will include, among other things, Mivanor's Coarse Cleaning with a huber screw and two buffer tanks - one for untreated water and one for treated water.

 The most significant aspect of the cleaning process is the ability to reuse the water for net cleaning, which reduces the environmental footprint. The solution cleans water from net cleaning in a single unit, eliminating the need for a pretreatment step or sedimentation process. The facility's design also provides easy access to the sludge container and facilitates the filling and emptying of cleaning chemicals.

 Some other advantages of the solution include:

  • Enabling water reuse from the cleaning process
  • Cleaning water and dewatering the sludge in the same unit
  • Eliminating the need for larger pretreatment steps
  • Ensuring a solid content level of up to 30% in the sludge
  • Ensuring a continuous flow rate of up to 30%
  • Allowing remote control and monitoring of the facility

Mivanor thanks Inter Notservice for the assignment and looks forward to a long and successful collaboration!