The Sandnes company Nordic Bulk supplies facilities to the mining and mineral industry. In just a few years, the company has experienced explosive growth, and entered into several strategic partnerships.

Among other things, a contract was signed earlier this year with Mivanor, which supplies treatment plants.

Managing director of Nordic Bulk, Peder Egeland says that the background for this collaboration is that they want to meet the needs of customers and society.

- We give our customers what they need to optimize their operations. Among several options, we also offer environmental facilities, which require a treatment plant with a large capacity.


Innovation for the environment and wallet

Project manager for Nordic Bulk, Steen Sanddahl says that innovation is central to the company's further growth.

- We are trying to adapt to future solutions within crushed stone and gravel, in addition to the increased focus on sustainability in the industry. For example, we can supply environmental facilities that can wash and recycle used material, which would previously have become waste. This is both good for our customer's wallet and the environment.

According to Sanddahl, there has been a far greater focus on the environment in their industry. More and more customers are approaching the company and want their advice on how operations can be made more efficient, with increased sustainability and reuse.

At the same time, not everyone is committed to the environment.

- There are customers who both talk and do a lot on the environmental front, and others who barely mention it. The differences are large, but in general there has been a positive development.


The authority's requirements for emissions

In addition to innovation, Nordic Bulk's customers must also comply with certain emission requirements and environmental considerations put in place by the Norwegian Environment Agency.

Nordic Bulk and Mivanor will now collaborate on a project east of Vormsund in Viken county.

- We want to offer customers everything they need for their operations, i.e. a total solution. In some cases, this means that they need facilities that ensure they stay well within the emission requirements from the authorities. Something that requires a treatment plant with a large capacity, says Sanddahl.

The facility is supplied by Mivanor, a company that has recently moved to Sandnes. Managing director of the company, Robert Tarasz, says he is happy about the collaboration.

- Our collaboration with Nordic Bulk can help their customers who want to, but do not necessarily know how to stay within the various requirements set by the authorities. For us, it is very rewarding to be able to contribute to helping companies reduce their emissions and make their processes more efficient, while at the same time improving both the environment and the climate in the process.


The way forward

Nordic Bulk has almost 30 years in the industry and they see themselves as far from finished.

Breeding wise, Sanddhal says that they don't stop here with looking at new solutions.

- Going forward, we will work together with our partners to be able to deliver even better total solutions. That is why we now invest as we do.

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