The Mivanor team visited Kozhego in Portugal, a world-class supplier of dosing solutions.

The background for this visit is the completion of MivaMag Mark III, the latest version of our patented technology. Their contribution plays a crucial role in what has become our most optimized purification solution to date.

Kozegho has over 20 years of experience in their industry, and with many talented individuals on board, it is safe to say they are a world-class supplier.

The dosing solutions they provide to us are specially designed and exclusively reserved for Mivanor. The collaboration began after several meetings at trade shows with CEO Miguel Coelho in various locations around the world.

This time, it was CEO Robert Tarasz and Sales and Project Engineer at Mivanor, Anders Are, who made the trip.

The visit is an essential part of the further development of MivaMag MKIII because it is important for us to verify all the processes in the development work, says Are, adding:

- It is very exciting to have the latest version of MivaMag ready. It is already in operation with our first customer, and we are very pleased to be able to deliver an even better purification solution to our customers.

Robert Tarasz, CEO of Mivanor, is very satisfied with the trip and looks forward to further collaboration.

- In the future, we also want to bring them to Norwegian soil so they can see our facilities here.