2022 was a year of a lot of activity for Mivanor. After the pandemic put a damper on growth and development, both 2021 and 2022 were years of great progress.

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In 2022, we have gained seven new customers from a number of different industries, among other things we have delivered a treatment plant to Norway's only tannery. We have also developed and entered into several strategic partnerships, on projects in various parts of the country. In total, we have cleaned close to 800 million liters of contaminated waste water for our customers in 2022.

This was also the year in which we launched our newest purification solution, Mivamag MKIII - which should provide better water purification than ever before. Thanks to development and innovation, we can meet the cleaning requirements of an increasing number of industries. We have also established our first cleaning plant for PFAS, with our cleaning solution MivaSorb, which is currently showing very good cleaning effect.

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This year, we have also focused on the increasing amount of environmental requirements that companies have set above, with the main focus on the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) - where the EU has said that the industry still has excessive emissions to water. It will therefore become increasingly important for Mivanor to be able to assist companies in various industries to meet their emissions requirements in the coming years.

Our aim is to make meeting environmental and emission requirements easy, and to become companies' first choice in industrial water purification.

Of course, it must also be mentioned that we have got two new employees on board. Our new project engineer Arild Lode "landed" with us after 30 years in the helicopter industry, and Erlend Skaug Ingebrigtsen has since February worked to help us reach out to more potential customers, and share stories about our many good collaborations and projects. Mivanor has also gained many more followers on social media, and has had record interest from the media in the past year.

A big thank you to all our customers and partners for a great year from us in Mivanor. See you in 2023 - where everything is in place for further growth!