Things are going smoothly for the Vindafjord company Granberg Garveri. The country's only industrial tannery will now invest in new technology to ensure that emissions to the environment are as minimal as possible.

In 2021, Granberg Garveri can point to their most successful year ever, as well as a big increase compared to the previous year. The company, despite its many years on the belt, will now develop further and focus on more sustainability and fewer emissions.

Investing in new cleaning solutions

General manager of Granberg Garveri, Olav Granberg says that the way forward now includes some new investments. Among other things, an agreement was signed earlier this year to clean the waste water that is released. This system is supplied by Mivanor.

- We have been working since 2016 to find a solution that is right for us. It had to involve a treatment plant that does not take up too much space and that satisfies the Norwegian Environment Agency's requirements. As Mivanor's treatment plant fulfilled our wishes, we jumped at the opportunity.

Mivanor's water purification technology means that the waste water released from the plant is cleaner than what the authorities require today. Managing director of the company, Robert Tarasz says that he is very happy that Granberg Garveri chooses their technology.

- Mivanor is proud to deliver the cleaning solution to the country's only remaining tannery. We are happy to be able to help them stay within the requirements of the Norwegian Environment Agency and contribute to reducing their emissions. For us, it is proof that our technology has a wide range of applications, and contributes to positive development for many companies.


The tannery now meets the requirements of the Norwegian Environment Agency

The Norwegian Environment Agency grants licenses for emissions into the air and sea, which Granberg Tannery must comply with. First, they applied for a dispensation to go slightly above these limit values. It didn't work in the long run.

- If you have a car, you cannot drive with test plates forever, sooner or later you have to get them approved. That's why we now have a treatment plant that keeps our emissions well below the limits of the Norwegian Environment Agency and satisfies all requirements, says Granberg.

Their emissions mainly come from washing leather. In the same way as when washing textiles, the water becomes dirty.

- When we receive the skins, they are, among other things, salted, and must of course be washed. The water, after washing the skins, is therefore quite greasy and dirty. It was therefore important to find the right solution to ensure that the water is returned to nature as cleanly as possible.

Looking forward to the future

The tannery is the only one of its kind in Norway. The company, with its more than 70 years of history, disproves the idea that old dogs can't learn new tricks.

The Granberg manager concludes by saying that by adapting you last much longer as a company. For them, there is now no other way but up and forward.

- Furthermore, we are thinking of using a solar roof and then getting another building. In addition, the dream is to be able to reuse the water we release, but we haven't quite got there yet.