This year, Mivanor has delivered a purification solution for the leachate at the landfill of Lofoten Waste Company, and with this facility, the company can proudly claim to have delivered purification solutions to all municipal landfills in Nordland.

– This is clearly a milestone for us and proof that Mivanor delivers competitive solutions with quality that can withstand the harsh weather conditions in Northern Norway. The County Governor of Nordland has been very clear about the requirements placed on landfill owners in our county, so it's especially gratifying to be able to boast that we have now delivered to all waste companies, says Managing Director Fredrik Korpe.

– In total, we have delivered facilities to nine Norwegian landfills, including two new facilities in Eastern Norway. As we see it, we are now well-equipped for further development of the company, and we have purification products that are well recognized in the landfill industry. With us achieving 'full marks' in Nordland, we expect more landfill owners to turn to Mivanor when establishing a new purification facility for their leachate or surface water, says Fredrik.

– It is clear that our company has been affected by the spring we have just left behind. Among other things, several decisions about new purification facilities have been postponed, and we have to wait for clarifications from customers who are no longer in a position to make such an investment. This is very understandable. But the projects have not come to a complete standstill, and the need for purification solutions will not disappear. Therefore, I think we are facing a busy autumn with new orders and deliveries, says Fredrik.

The requirements for responsible handling of emissions, taking into account both the environment and a sustainable industry, are clear. Authorities have increased their focus on setting strict requirements, and the business world itself seems to be increasingly focusing on ensuring its own footprint.

– This gives us a clear signal of the importance of also focusing on our technology creating the smallest possible footprint in nature and that our operations are characterized by this threefold perspective: social responsibility, economic responsibility, and environmental responsibility, concludes Fredrik.

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