Water from aquaculture can accumulate pollution, and it is valuable to be able to clean this water so that you both remove pollution before it flows out into nature and you have the opportunity to use the water several times in the process.


For the farming industry, it is mainly about operating safe facilities with as little environmental footprint as possible. By choosing a cleaning solution from Mivanor, your company will be able to be sure that the water used in the company's production is clean and safe to release into nature.

Mivanor today has a portfolio of different cleaning solutions adapted to different problems both when it comes to the composition of pollution, amount of water and requirements for cleaning. For players in the aquaculture industry, we recommend:

MivaMagTM - mechanical and chemical purification of industrial water

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You can submit water samples from your plant to our R&D department. Our team does a small-scale test with our technology that shows what forms of impurities are in the water and what effect our cleaning technology has on the water.

In order to meet the relevant emissions requirement, it may be necessary to combine the MivaMagTM cleaning process with other cleaning technologies. In its engineering work, Mivanor will reveal the need for and the design of combination solutions and give the customer an overview of possibilities and options.

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  • Makes it possible to re-use water from the cleaning process
  • Treats the water and de-waters the sludge in the same step
  • Removes the need for a pre-treatment system (sedimentation in tanks)
  • Dry matter content of sludge: up to 30%
  • Maximum continuous flow rate: 30 m3/h
  • Automated system which enables remote control and monitoring


Here is how the MivaMagTM treatment system works: