The treatment process removes biofouling, heavy metals and wax from the wastewater in the net cleaning process. The solution was developed as a result of our team’s experience when we delivered a treatment solution to several net lofts owned by the Mørenot Group.

The solution is a combination of our treatment system MivaMagTM , which is a chemical and mechanical treatment solution, and our Grovrens product which separates larger debris / objects from the water.

The combined solution consists of four main components:

  • Mivanor Grovrens
  • Buffer tank for polluted wastewater
  • Buffer tank for treated water
  • MivaMagTM 

The MivaMag modular solution is designed to give the operators easy access to empty the sludge container, as well as and making it efficient to re-fill chemicals.

Does your net loft need a treatment system making it possible to re-use the water in your net cleaning process? 

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  • Makes it possible to re-use water from the cleaning process
  • Treats the water and de-waters the sludge in the same step
  • Removes the need for a pre-treatment system (sedimentation in tanks)
  • Dry matter content of sludge: up to 30%
  • Maximum continuous flow rate: 30 m3/h
  • Automated system which enables remote control and monitoring


Here is how the MivaMagTM treatment system works: