Our company has chosen to set a strong focus on three of the 17 development goals. We strive to be the leading supplier of wastewater treatment in Norway. And this calls for action and a clear vision of how we manage our own processes and what demands we set for the suppliers we choose when it comes to sustainability.

The three development goals we have chosen are:

  • Sustainability development goal 6: Clean water and sanitation
    A efficient and effective water treatment is essential to our company. All of our products and the knowledge and competence we offer are based on a goal of minimising the amount of pollution in wastewater from industry and from landfills. We wish to remove the "waste" from the frase wastewater, and in partnership with our clients make sure that the water used in industrial processes is not harmful to release into nature.
  • Sustainability development goal 14: Life below water
    We want to contribute to a rich and clean ocean. Our team deliver a treatment product called MivaBio which is a biological treatment for process water from aquaculture and fish farming. With this product we help our clients minimise the impact their fish farming has on the surrounding sea areas and achieving a healthy environment in the sea.


  • Sustainability development goal 17: Partnerships for the goals
    Working towards large and international goals like the SDGs is depending on our ability to cooperate and push in the same direction.
    We wish to be challenged by our customers and work along-side them to achieve development and a wastewater treatment technology that is made for the future.