Robert is currently the CEO of Mivanor. He is also the developer of the combined technology which our main product, MivaMag consist of.

This technology is based on a mechanical treatment called "magnetic particle separation" and Robert was a trainee in a waste company when he started developing the solution. When the solution for treating leachate from the waste companies´ landfill was finished, Robert and the team founded Mivanor to be able to focus their job on creating efficient wastewater treatment for industrial purposes. 

In addition, Robert has been a consultant for handling hazardius waste, environmental examinations and processes for composting food waste. 

Robert has a strong interest for optimalization and development of the product line Mivanor offers today. Development is important to make sure that the products fulfill the customers changing needs and the regulations which is set by the government. 

"I want the customer to be satisfied due to our effort to meet their demands and needs for an efficient wastewater treatment"