The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) sets guidelines for and regulates pollution, such as water and air pollution, from various industries. The directive also establishes how different industries should limit these emissions through Best Available Techniques (BAT).

Many companies find it challenging to meet the IED requirements. Mivanor aims to simplify this process.

Mivanor's technology, MivaMag, has been approved as BAT by the State Administrator in Nordland. Various industries should strive to find technological solutions that meet these requirements. IED highlights a range of solutions that Mivanor currently provides, including:

  • Monitoring of water emissions
  • Techniques for pretreating and preventing the release of polluted water
  • For instance, through techniques such as absorption, coagulation, and flocculation
  • Water reuse and more efficient resource utilization
  • Energy efficiency

Read more about IED here - and about how the EU aims to reduce emissions, especially into water.

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