A WWTP designed for landfills

When we developed the technolgy behind MivaMagTM, the treatment process was made for treating wastewater from landfills. 


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MivaMag treatment system


The challenges connected to treating leachate

The typical challenge regarding waste water from landfills is an uneven water inflow, a varying quality of and grade of pollution in the water and that the construction of the treatment facility must endure low outside temperatures.

When water is treated through the MivaMag unit the floc mass is converted into sludge with 30 - 40 % dry matter that can be transported in containers.


Results from the wastewater treatment

All of these challenges has been solved. The treatment shows reductions of environmental pollutants and heavy metals:

  • 50 - 70 % reduction of organic pollutants
  • 25 - 95 % reduction of heavy metals
  • 80 - 90 % reduction of phosphorus
  • 70- 90 % reduction of suspended substances


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