When we developed the techonolgy behind MivaMagTM, the treatment process was made for treating wastewater from landfills. 

Since 2014 we have worked with and solved a number of pollution challenges that this industry faces. We have also accuried based experience from facing statutory demands from the governement. 

The typical challenge regarding waste water from landfills is an uneven water inflow, a varying quality of and grade of pollution in the water and that the construcion of the treatment facility must endure low outside temperatures.

During the process the floc mass is converted into sludge with 30 - 40 % dry matter  that can be transported in containers.

All of these challenges has been solved. The treatment shows reductions of environmental pollutants and heavy metals:

  • 50 - 70 % reduction of organic pollutants
  • 25 - 95 % reduction of heavy metals
  • 80 - 90 % reduction of phosphorus
  • 70- 90 % reduction of suspended substances

Get in touch with us at post(a)mivanor.no and find out more about our landfill WWTP.