Secure a safe water emission 

If your company release great volumes of wastewater from your operations and activities, it is important to make sure that the water emission is safe for the environment. 

In our treatment system MivaMagTM  we use a combination of chemical treatment and mechanical treatment with the use of magnetic particle separation. For our customers in the aquaculture industry we've achived a treatment that enable the company to  re-use the water in their production facility. 

Our goal is to challenge our treatment system and adjust it so that it can face the demands of multiple industries and provent enivronmental pollutants, heavy metals and fragments from being released into nature.


Send us a water sample 

Would you like to know how good of an effect over treatment system would have on your wastewater?  Please contact us at post(a) and we will provide you with a test kit so that you can send a water sample to our lab. 

We will do a small scale analysis and report what kind of result you can expect by choosing our water treatment system.

Contact us at post(a) to get more information and explain your wastewater challenge.