A clean and healthy sea

The aquaculture industry is dependent on a clean and healthy sea. Therefore, the industry is also dependant on treating water from their own activities. Our customers in the aquaculture industry wish to secure an efficient production and at the same time ensure a environmental safe operation. 


Solutions for process water from aquaculture

We have developed a range of products that are highly relevant for wastewater challenges in aquaculture and net washing processes. The treatment systems we can offer are:

MivaMagTM - a treatment plant based on a chemical and mechanical cleanse done with magnetism

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MivaBio - biological wastewater treatment which is module

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By choosing the right treatment solution, your company will be able to secure a water emission that is safe to release into nature. Our job is to make sure that the system responds to the demands that the government and the industry itself apply to fish farmers, fish hatcheries, net lofts and so on.


Water analysis 

Would you like to know how good of an effect over treatment system would have on your wastewater?  Please contact us at and we will provide you with a test kit so that you can send your water sample to our lab. 




When we receive your water sample, our R&D department will perform a small-scale analysis and report what kind of result you can expect by choosing a treatment solution from Mivanor.

Removes copper from nets

An example of excellence is the MivaMagTM treatment plant we have constructed and delivered to the Norwegian net loft company Bøteriet AS. Their challenge was to clean the washing water and remove the copper that the water extracted from the nets. 

The result is that the MivaMagTM cleans the water to such a high level that the water can be re-used to clean more nets. The reduction of copper is very good, and Bøteriet AS can save water consumption as well as securing their wastewater emission.