Water from aquaculture can accumulate pollution, and it is valuable to be able to purify this water both to remove contaminants before it is released into the environment and to have the opportunity to reuse the water in the process.


A clean and healthy sea

The aquaculture industry is dependent on a clean and healthy sea. Therefore, the industry is also dependant on treating water from their own activities. Our customers in the aquaculture industry wish to secure an efficient production and at the same time ensure a environmental safe operation. 


Solutions for process water from aquaculture

We have developed a range of products that are highly relevant for wastewater challenges in aquaculture and net washing processes. For players in the aquaculture industry we recommend:

  • MivaMagTM - a treatment plant based on a chemical and mechanical cleanse done with magnetism

Do you need input on what solution is best for your facilities?

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Water analysis 

Would you like to know how good of an effect over treatment system would have on your wastewater?  Please contact us at and we will provide you with a test kit so that you can send your water sample to our lab. When we receive your water sample, our R&D department will perform a small-scale analysis and report what kind of result you can expect by choosing a treatment solution from Mivanor.