Our customers

We have delivered our water treatment solutions to various businesses in various industries. Click on each of our customer examples and read more about their waste water challenge.

  • Logo HAF

    Landfill: HAF IKS

    The wastewater from the HAF IKS landfill is treated both biological and mechanical.

  • Logo HRS

    Landfill: HRS IKS

    The landfill leachate is treated through a combination of biological and mechanical treatment.

  • Logo Iris Salten IKS

    Landfill: Iris Salten IKS

    Our very first wastewater treatment plant was established at the landfill owned by Iris Salten IKS. Through this treatment plant we have learned a lot and used this experience to further develop the mechanical process and the treatment itself.

  • Logo NG

    Landfill: Norsk Gjenvinning

    Norsk Gjenvinning is the largest waste company in Norway. We are now testing a solution for treating surface water at a facility handling waste.

  • Logo Ole Peder Ødegaard

    Landfill: Ole Peder Ødegård AS

    Ole Peder Ødegård AS drift a landfill which can receive pollutants consisting of acid-formed rock. This means that the landfill is in need of a effective leachate treatment.

  • Logo SHMIL

    Landfill: SHMIL IKS

    SHMIL is a municipal waste company and owns a landfill which requires leachate treatment.

  • Logo Mørenot

    Net loft: The Mørenot Group

    Mørenot AS delivers products to the aquaculture industry and is in need of a good sysem for treating water from washing fishing nets.

  • Logo Kimek

    Ship maintenance: Kimek Gruop

    Kimek Group maintains and re-builds ships which means that the waste water from their industri contains alot of large particles and oil.