Out team has delivered the MivaMagTM solution multiple Mørenot net loft facilities:

  • Mørenot Hammerfest
  • Mørenot Øksningan
  • Mørenot Steigen 
  • Mørenet Vevang
  • Mørenot Karmsund

The cleaning water from net lofts contains alt of pollutants like heavy metal and large particles such as scales, seaweed, pebbles and sand.

When the water is treated by the MivaMagTM solution it is so clean that it can be re-used in the net washing process.

The advantages of the MivaMagTM system are multiple:

  • Large capacity: treats up to 40 m3 of water per hour
  • Small footprint
  • Designed as a plug-and-play module
  • Flexible treatment process combinations
  • Automated system and easy to monitor 

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